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Royal Hair Clinic is a forward-thinking accredited hair clinic in Istanbul dedicated to providing world-class hair restoration solutions for patients around the world.

We work with the best surgeons who have treated thousands of patients using the most advanced hair restoration technologies available.

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From initial consult to the regrowth phase, our expert team will be with you every step of the way.

Royal Hair Clinic

Welcome to the leading accredited clinic for Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration in Istanbul. Our best in class surgeons diagnose and treat hair loss in men and women using the most recent technologies.

Some of the most popular services:

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  • DHI Hair Transplant

  • Soft Fue

  • Beard Transplant

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Hair Transplant Cost at Royal Hair Clinic Istanbul Turkey

Standard Package €2200

The cost of hair transplant includes the following:

  • Maximum FUE micro hair transplant up to 5000 grafts
  • Airport Transfers – Hospital – Hotel
  • Lab tests (blood)
  • After surgery examination
  • After surgery treatments (drugs and hygiene products)
  • Medical report (Hair Transplant Guarantee Certificate)
  • English Translator
  • After surgery follow-up

Istanbul Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of your hair transplant in Istanbul is significantly less expensive than in the UK, US, or similar countries. The cost is dependent on the type of procedure you get, along with the number of grafts you transplant. However, our results are among the best in the world, due to the high competition and density of quality surgeons in the Turkish medical tourism market. See below for the different types of hair transplant procedures offered at Royal Hair Clinic, then contact us to begin your free consultation, which includes a cost assessment.

A hair transplant can be a permanent solution for hair loss, and is carried out with minimal surgical intervention. (It is not a traditional, invasive surgery.) Individuals with scars, or those who have lost hair due to various diseases can also safely undergo hair transplant surgery. Women and men can both benefit from this procedure, and will enjoy the effective, natural final result. Patients can opt for a FUE hair transplant (with soft sedation and/or Sapphire pen) or a DHI transplant...
Facial hair transplantation is performed on men who are experiencing hair loss on their beard, or those who can't grow a beard or moustache in the first place. For this, hair is taken from the lower rear of the head, or from existing ‘facial hair’ that grows on the neck, depending on the number of grafts needed...
Soft’ FUE refers to the use of soft sedation during the procedure, and is otherwise the same procedure as a FUE transplant. This allows the patient to be conscious, without feeling any pain. The benefits of this are that you can communicate and understand every step of the transplant process, and you are also able to eat and drink before the procedure without side effect. You may also return to your home or hotel immediately after the operation.
DHI is the newest method in hair transplant procedures. It is faster than the FUE technique and offers quicker recovery. During the DHI implantation, the extraction and transplant are combined. Extracted hair follicles are embedded directly into the recipient areas without the prior need of creating incisions...
The Sapphire FUE method is an innovation on the modern and commonly used FUE hair transplant techniques. It uses a sapphire blade instead of a steel one, and thus minimizes scab formation and scalp trauma. Most importantly, it allows for denser results than a steel FUE blade...
Mesotherapy is used to stop hair loss, improve the quality of existing hair, and activate new hair growth. Small doses of selected medications are injected into the skin using special needles. It is superior to other conventional hair-growth therapies because of its efficacy and small amount of medication, causing little-to-no side effects...
Hair transplant is considered as a highly important treatment since the final outcome of the procedure will positively contribute to a woman's physical appearance. Women are able to undergo a hair transplant procedure without shaving their head with a hair transplantation method also defined as the DHI hair transplant technique, considered as the advanced version of FUE method. Although the majority of hair transplant patients are still men, a high percentage of women have also started looking into a hair transplant procedure as a hair loss treatment.
Low-Level Laser Therapy, also known as cold lasers, speeds up the healing time of hair transplants. This helps reduce side effects such as redness, swelling, and pain within the operated area, and it promotes the fastest hair growth possible. The lasers penetrate without heat, so they have no side effects such as a burning sensation. It is a common postoperative alternative to PRP. Laser hair therapy is also a clinically proven, effective treatment for men and women who have mild-to-moderate hereditary pattern hair loss...

Hair Transplant Procedure Steps

FUE or ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’ is the best and safest hair transplant method available today. At Royal Hair Clinic our surgeons work with a special extraction tool to extract hair follicles and gently place them to the desired spot by using a tiny surgical needle.

Although the duration of the operation varies according to the number of grafts that will be transplanted, it usually lasts around 6 to 7 hours.


Preliminary Preparation

This is the stage where doctors and assistants work on the hair transplantation plan and prepare the operation area according to the customized hair transplant plan that has been carried out.

Sterilization and Local Anesthesia

The areas where the grafts will be extracted from and the transplantation site will be sterilized. Sedation is applied by our Anesthesiologist using medical monitoring devices with the dosage adjusted to the patient's physiologic condition.

Harvesting hair follicles

This process involves harvesting of the hair follicles one by one via a micro motor from the back and sides of the head as well as from the beard areas. Harvested grafts are divided into single and multiple grafts and stored in special solution at 4 ° C.

Creating the incisions where hair follicles will be transplanted

The incisions will be created taking into consideration the hairline design of the patient and the number of grafts that will be transplanted. Incisions are created at an angle of 40-45 degrees and in the direction of natural hair growth.

Transplanting Hair Follicles

One of the most important aspects in transplanting the grafts, is to start from the area where the hairline has been designed and to transplant the single grafts within this area. Thus, more natural looking hair transplant results can be

Medical Dressing and Informing the Patients

After the operation, the donor areas -the areas where hair follicles are extracted from- will be covered with a bandage. On the following day of the operation, patients are given instructions on what to do until they receive a medical dressing.


Frequently Asked Questions

The hair transplant operation along with Laser therapy and dressing process are included in the specified price. No additional costs will be incurred.

Since the amount of grafts that can be transplanted using an implanter pen during a DHI hair transplantation varies in comparison to the FUE method, DHI hair transplant is considered to be slightly more costly in terms of the time allocated for the operation as well as the medical devices that are used

You can send a message or call us via Whatsapp anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If the doctor’s assistant is not available, your number will be stored and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Even before the pandemic, hair transplant procedures were performed at highest quality standards in our operation rooms fully equipped with highly advanced medical devices. Doctors and hair transplant assistants are performing operations with level 1 health protection equipments. In addition, the patient who will have a hair transplant procedure is provided with a mask and other medical equipments.

No, the hair transplant consultation session with Royal Hair Clinic is free of charge. If you decide to undergo the operation, the payment can be made by credit card or in cash on the day of the operation.

Flight ticket is not included in the price. When you arrive in Istanbul, our Representatives will meet you at the airport and will offer you all transfer services between the Clinic and the Hotel for free. In conclusion, except flight tickets, transfer and accommodation services are included in the price.

Maximum 4,000-4,500 grafts can be transplanted in one session. If hair loss is severe (see Norwood Scale class 7), it may be necessary to have a second session of hair transplantation.

In the hair transplantation process, 3 doctors work together with Royal Hair Clinic. The doctors are involved in the following processes; the administration of anesthesia, transplantation and the operation planning.

After the operation, we recommend patients to rest for one day. The scabs formed within the recipient area will heal in 10 to 15 days. Your appearance will look like you have not undergone a hair transplant operation. After the operation, you should avoid sun exposure and any intense activities. The doctor’s assistant will provide you with the details after the operation.

Anyone over the age of 20 can undergo hair transplantation. However, the final decision is made after consultation. The patient should have a sufficient amount of healthy hair for transplantation in his/her donor area. Additionally, the type of hair loss will also determine the eligibility for hair transplantation.

The transplanted hair is extracted from the back and sides of the head defined as the donor area. This area is also known as “safe zone”. Since hair follicles in this region are not affected by the DHT hormone, they are genetically resistant to hair loss. As the hair follicles to be transplanted are extracted from the areas of the head that are genetically resistant to balding, they will be showing the same bald-resistant traits and will therefore remain intact and not fall out.

You need to stay at least for 2 days in Istanbul. The operation plan is made with the doctor on the day you arrive and your operation can be performed the next day. The day after the operation, you will need to visit the clinic to receive a medical dressing, medication and instructions on how to wash your hair after the procedure. Then you can return back to your country.




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