Hair Transplant Surgery is not an invasive procedure. No knives or sedatives are required. It only requires stillness and time as our experts carefully extract your hair roots from the back part of the head and apply them to the desired area.

Our hair is a unique instrument in our body’s biology. The roots of hair function in a pseudo-independent manner from the rest of the skin. They constantly produce keratin, the protein which hair is made of, from bulbs or roots deep in the skin. When those roots die, the hair never grows again. The flow of blood and nutrients to different parts of the body also affects hair length and growth speed, meaning there could be more than one place where healthy roots can be harvested.

Hair Transplant is a permanent solution as it takes living hair roots from one place and inserts them into another. The roots are still living, and will continue living as long as they are supplied with the same chain of nutrients from the layer of flesh under the skin where the bulbs are located. As long as your blood flows, your hair grows!

Is Hair Transplant for You?

Medical technology has solved many problems over the years, and the techniques that help resolve them keep getting better. Cosmetic surgery has become something that anyone can afford. If you feel like you are being held back by alopecia – genetically inherited baldness of the head and scalp – there is a permanent solution, better than a hairpiece or regrowth formula.

At the Royal Hair Clinic, the best outpatient hair transplant facility in Turkey, you can get permanent relief from baldness in as little as a day. Your hair will grow back, full and healthy. You will never have to worry about it again with one scheduled visit!

Why Come to Turkey for Hair Transplant?

Turkey is a prominent location for cosmetic surgeries. We have some of the greatest medical hair experts in the world who specialize in hair transplants as a routine course of action. The entire process can take all day, up to eight hours to do correctly, and correctly is what we focus on.

Turkey is a hotspot of tourism from all over the world. For those located in Europe, it can serve as an exotic getaway of rich cultural heritage. However, Turkey also boasts some of the best hair transplant practices and facilities in the world. Come for the sights, and leave with a sight to behold as your hair regrows within days of landing back home.

Royal Hair Clinic: From Commoner to King

Every man, and woman, with hair loss wishes they could turn time back and save themselves. They seek out expensive wigs or try to adapt to the lack of hair, but it’s never quite the same. Royal Hair Clinic can turn any man or woman into the King or Queen they deserve to be, with a full crown of hair!