Having a full beard has become aspirational, shattering the need to be clean-shaven. Now, a beard represents a masculine and confident man. However, men commonly struggle to grow full beards either due to genetics or hormonal imbalances. Beard transplants change all that.

What Is A Beard Transplant?

Beard transplants are the latest surgical procedure to make headlines. As a result, plenty of misinformation exists surrounding the surgery, making it critical to define what a beard transplant entails.

A beard transplant is a hair transplant that takes place around your chin, cheeks, and jawline. A surgeon will perform the procedure using one of two surgical methods. The first is to transplant individual follicular from the donor area, the second is removing tissue and extracting follicles from that tissue, and implanting it in the desired area.

How Long Do Beard Transplants Last?

If you’re wondering if beard transplants are permanent, the short answer is they can be. Beard transplants can last for your entire life. However, since you’re implanting hair, thinning can occur due to genetics. While this is very rare – because most transplants last a lifetime – even if thinning does occur, you can still expect the transplant to continue growing hair. Although it is possible to do another beard transplant to maintain the same aesthetic if you are one of the few who do experience genetic changes to hair growth years after the transplant.

How Long Does Beard Transplant Hair Take To Grow?

Usually, you will see noticeable results after three or four months, depending on how long your hair usually takes to grow. However, if you’re after a full or voluminous beard, you can expect your transplant to take up to six months to grow to that length.

Can You Do A Beard Transplant Even If You Have Facial Hair?

If you suffer from patching, you can still do a beard transplant to make your beard thicker or fuller. An experienced surgeon will only focus on the areas that need additional hair. Thankfully, when the hair starts growing, it will complement the surrounding hair, giving you the desired look.

What Is It Like To Do A Beard Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is home to some of the world’s most recognized plastic surgeons. Doctors follow strict protocols and rules to be able to operate in the country. However, for the best results when doing a beard transplant in Turkey, you should find a doctor that has experience in beard transplants and who has a proven track record giving men – like you – the results they want.

What Can You Expect For A Beard Transplant Before and After?

Many celebrities and influencers have secretly had beard transplants without their fans noticing. That’s because a good beard transplant, completed by a qualified professional, will appear natural after some initial growth and complement your normal hair.


If you still have any questions you want to clear up before completing a beard transplant, reach out to our team. We’ll walk you through the process and ensure you get the natural beard look you desire.